2007 news

The Last Dot Comino

The official site is up! It's still in fetus stage, so if there's anything else you'd like to see on here, please e-mail me at thelastdominomusic@gmail.com.

Diamond Dates & Firenews

Happy 11/11! The new album, Diamond Days & Firenights, will be released a year from today. I've started recording demos for the double album, which will consist of twenty-two tracks, including a reworked version of "Last Call" and a Smashing Pumpkins cover. In keeping with my new tradition, the release date will bear special significance to the songs and themes of the album. More in the upcoming months!

How I Learned To Stop Dawdling And Vote For The Video

Thanks again to all who voted for "Last Call" in Indy.com's Music Video Throwdown! The Vogue show was wicked awesome.

Check out the videos section to watch "Last Call".