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Diamond Dates & Firenews (Pt. II - The Details)

Way too much to write here. Go HERE!

Diamond Dates & Firenews (Pt. III - The Shows)

The DDFN release shows have been announced! Look over to the shows section for all the deets. In preparation for the greatest performances ever to happen on those certain dates at those certain places, I'm going to have a few 4-song samplers available at the usual local record stores in the next couple of weeks. Also, closer to 11/11, I'll premiere the entire album online, and finally, the site's gonna be redecorated a tad to fit the DDFN theme.

Oh! And I finally got the tattoos I've been wanting since I started writing this album three years ago: Pic 1 | Pic 2

Grace Note

I've been chosen to perform at Chicago's 11th annual Jeff Buckley tribute festival (there's that serendipitous number again)! Needles to say, I'm powerstoked. Read more about the shows here.

Diamond Dates & Firenews (Pt. IV - The Release)

New album out today or something. Release shows this weekend. Whatevs.