2011 news

Year Of The Domino

One new city, two new albums, and three(?) new videos! I'm just about settled here in my new hometown of Austin, TX, where unfortunately I won't be playing SXSW this year, but I'm making Domino plans like mad. Two EPs will be released as free downloads on the site this year: From Austin, With Love will be an acoustic covers EP (dedicated to my Indy friends who have always wanted me to record certain cover songs) released on 5/14, and the long-backburnered Tusks And Ribs (the live/b-sides sister album of When Elephants...) will be released on 10/10. Finally, director MAT and I are going to rejoin forces for a few more music videos, including "Loophole", "Alexandra, Annamarie...", and "Of Elephants And Skeletons". I'm also cooking up video ideas for new tracks from the next studio release, Two Thirds Of Our Lives. HERE'S TO 2011!! *chugs Lone Star*

No Time For Love, Dr. Jones

For the first time during my tenure as The Last Domino, it pains me to say that I won't be meeting a deadline I've set for myself because the release of the From Austin, With Love covers EP is postponed indefinitely. The songs were all recorded, but suffice it to say I'm not happy with the final product enough to want to consider it an official TLD release. Once I get some better recording equipment and not-so-ancient software, it'll be done in a jiffy. Sincerest thanks to everyone who was excited for it; nobody is more disappointed than I am, and nobody wants this EP to be out there more than me.

Let's Love This Again

Two months, one computer crash, and about seven hundred tantrums later, From Austin, With Love is finally finished! Download it here!! DO IT NAOOOUUGHH!!!

Oh So Many Of Us

The "Alexandra, Annamarie..." vid is finished!! Head to videos to check out the fruits of MAT's labor in rendering sixteen of me into one lovely work of art!

Which Do You Wanna Hear First?

THE BAD NEWS! On this, the day of my EP release, I've gotta postpone once again. It's not ready and I don't wanna rush it and yadda yadda yadda. Tusks And Ribs WILL be finished on 11/11/11, and will be a $5 download on my Bandcamp site.
THE WORSE NEWS! The full-length is going to be postponed for a year. Get over it! I did...
THE GOOD NEWS! For the first time in three years I have some good--nay, GREAT live footage on the site! Aaaand GO!


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