2013 news

This Is An Alarm Call, So Wake Up Wake Up Now

Done putting this off. Here's a demo from the new album I've been working on for over a year now. No idea when it'll be released (2/3/15, realistically), but this is where The Last Domino is headed. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

This Is All Going To Be Recorded.

Forget what I said in the previous update. I'm feeling daring, so Two Thirds Of Our Lives will be released in 2014 (on 2/3 or a fitting multiple of). Also, I've decided (as I often do) that in the interim of recording the album, I'm going to release an EP of other songs I've been working on that don't quite fit the vibe of the full-length. This Is All Going To End Badly. will be released exclusively to Bandcamp on 11/12/13.

Let's Postpone This Again

What is it with me and not finishing EPs on time?! I blame the gods of time and money (Damn you, Chronos and Mustachioed Monopoly Man!) I've still yet to record contributions from a few other musicians, and far be it from me to half-ass an effort, so This Is All Going To End Badly. will now see a 12/31 release date. I see it as a fitting eulogy for what has been a hectic and bittersweet year. Here's lookin' at you, 2014!