2017 news

Come Original

"Original Sin", a new non-album single, is out now on this, the 12th birthday of The Last Domino! I've played this track live for a number of years, but never found a proper home for it on an official release. Since I'm still in the process of recording Two Thirds Of Our Lives, I figured it was time for its "coming-out" party. Get some exclusively at Bandcamp, and read more about it on the music link above!

Back On Tracks

The hard part is over! Remaining drum tracks for Two Thirds Of Our Lives were recorded last week, so now it's time to get my nose as close to the ol' grindstone as I can to ensure this bad boy's release on 2/3/18! Here's the final tracklist:

01. One Third: Asleep
02. Wake-Up Call
03. Flylashes
04. The Heist
05. One Third: Awake
06. Constellations Below
07. Paperweight
08. Black Jeans, Brown Booze
09. Stop Trying To "Hit" Me And Hit Me
10. More Christian Than Christian
11. Honest To A Faultline
12. One Third: Alive
13. The Reds Of Our Eyes (Two Thirds Of Our Lives)

Watch clips of the drum recording process via Instagram here, here, and here!

(What's So Fucking Great About) Los Angeles(?)

Let's find out, shall we? TLD is now L.A.-based!
Oh, and Two Thirds Of Our Lives is postponed again, natch.


Twelve songs from TLD's back catalogue will serve as the original soundtrack to the upcoming feature film (UPDATE: now a webseries), Giants Do Fall; a drama that serves to expose child abuse in the foster care system. I also wrote a kind-of title track, Upon Their Shoulders. More details on the music tab! Happy 2018!