2018 news

First Day Of The Fall

I've just released a short-but-ever-so-sweet political hardcore punk track called "11 Minutes In November", available exclusively at Bandcamp. The song recalls the 2017 incident in which Donald Trump's Twitter account was briefly deactivated, possibly in rebellion of his own ordered shutdown of accounts run by his dissenters a few months prior. More about the incident and about the song itself here, and lyric video here.

PS: This song will not be on Two Thirds Of Our Lives, as it does not fit the overall musical vibe of the album (hear the teaser here), nor its "story" of sorts. I wrote this because I liked it, and wanted to get it out there ASAP.

"And The World Is Etched Upon Your Heart"

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of my domino tats, I did a thing tonight!

Not only does this inking now join its brethren as my third tattoo, but also continues my love of elevens, given the song from which it's taken; "Thirty-Three" by The Smashing Pumpkins. And yes, "Muzzle" was my big SP moment with the kudos from Billy and all, but 33 was a great year for me. I loved the beautiful yet subtle design of the rings from Mellon Collie's liner notes, and figured I could eventually relate it back to "Muzzle" with an eventual EP of Punkins covers called Etched Upon Your Heart, for which this tat would serve as the cover art.