2020 news

Kit Meowverdrive

For years now, I've wanted to record an a-capella rendition of the Norfair Ancient Ruins theme from Super Metroid. I finally achieved this under my old VGM moniker, Kid Overdrive. However, rather than give it the reverence and gravitas it deserves, I sang it all in meows. 2,440 meows to be exact. Right now it's only available on Bandcamp, but it'll be streaming everywhere in a couple of months!

As for the "real" version, keep your whiskers out for more KO in the upcoming months!

A Different Kind Of Christmas Carol

"More Christian Than Christian" - another track from the long-backburnered full-length Two Thirds Of Our Lives - is out now! As usual, it's available exclusively at Bandcamp but will be streaming everywhere in 2021. Click the music tab for more info about the song and accompanying lyric video!