In Another Life

She walks along the avenue
Her dress soaks with the rain
She checks the flower in her hair
And hums a tune

It could be that da Vinci
Prophesied her face
And patterned the golden ratio
With her in mind

Don't tell me I'm lost
Don't tell me I'm wrong
Don't tell me it's time
I abandon this hope

Love was my specialty
I thought I knew it all
But then my definition changed
To something new

It's taken every part of me
To realize I can't cage
A soul meant for the universe
Not just for mine

So maybe this weight
Should finally be dropped
Maybe it's time
I abandon this love

Maybe in another life
We'll dance

About the song

Shit's getting way too poetic up in here.
Next album I'm collaborating with Lil' Jon.

I got the idea for the video years ago when I heard an old Coldplay b-side called "See You Soon", and the story/imagery just popped in there. I pretty much wrote this song for the video.

VIDEO SPOILER ALERT: On the way to the shoot, I was thinking that it would be kinda cool if I got in a car accident to add to the effect of the end of the video. Alas, I arrived safely. However, we filmed Muzzle the same evening, and on the way to that shoot, I GOT IN AN EFFING CAR CRASH. Irony is lame.