Björksongs (Domino In The Dark)

Released 11/21/09

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01. Who Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right) mp3
02. Hyper-Ballad mp3
03. Hidden Place mp3
04. Army Of Me mp3
05. Unravel mp3
06. Unison mp3
07. The Anchor Song mp3

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All songs written by Björk Guðmundsdóttir, arranged & performed by John Orr
Produced October-November 2009 by John Orr @ the Tiger Feeding Area in Indianapolis, IN
Drums for "Army Of Me" and "Unison" recorded and mixed @ Wes DeBoy's in Indianapolis
Mastered by Eric Day @ Attic Recordings in Bloomington, IN (on his birthday, no less!
seriously...super guy)
Extra hand claps in "Unison" by Peggy Larkin, Erin Livingston, and Cameron Oehler

Cover photo by KT Moon // FIDAMO

Thanks to all of the above, Doug & Ryan Burklow, Dave Evans, Matt Foster, Miss Tahnaiya,
and, of course, Björk

About the album

This EP came about because my cover of "Hyper-Ballad" was featured on, and propelled by that, I leafed through the Björk catalogue a little bit more to try and rework other songs. This was not only to satiate my recording withdrawal (considering I'm not planning to release another album until late 2010), but also to broaden my own stylistic horizons and to take on the challenge of re-imagining her work. These aren't necessarily my favorite Björk songs; just the ones I decided to toy with since most of her music is perfect as is, and far be it from me to sully the magic of the original pieces! You may also notice I didn't do any pronoun changing (i.e. "his embrace"), because I felt I shouldn't have to. After all, they're not my lyrics, and anyone who is put off by it has missed the point entirely. Love is love, beauty is beauty, and if art isn't challenging, we don't really learn anything.

Also, I highly recommend listening to "Hidden Place" through headphones. At night.

Simpsons reference: I dubbed my basement studio the Tiger Feeding Area since there was a random pile of doors left by the landlord, which I placed around the room to recreate Bart's dilemma at the Shelbyville Zoo.
(Lemon Of Troy)