Daniel Charms The Domino

What Doesn't Kill Us Will Keep Trying

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01. Lost Boy, Stay Lost
02. The White Sheet
03. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. I
04. To Be Survived By Anyone, Pt. II
05. Sevens

About the album(s)

I took an indefinite hiatus from TLD in early 2014 to focus on other endeavors, and stumbled back upon hitRECord. Needless to say, I've been addicted for a while now. These are some of my favorite "finished" (nothing is ever considered truly finished on the site) tracks, in chronological order, that I've either written from scratch or built upon in collaboration with other users. Daniel Charms The Domino was an especially fun project as it was the first time I made a cohesive album of tracks using only resources from the site. Also my first attempt at melodic hardcore...I like to think it's pretty brootle.

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