Clean Break

In a box in the garage
Lie the memories from when we were "us"
I took it down there and brushed all the dust
From my shoulders

I come to find, back upstairs
A message telling me you're trying to care
Evidence that you're still unaware;
When it's over, it's over

I'll hibernate for the winter
Bandage the limbs and resew all the seams
Pluck out the lingering splinters
And sleep 'til the day that I don't see your face in my dreams

Invitations to meet
Spots of lunch and some hot cups of tea
Don't sound all that appealing to me
Or to him, I'm sure

Jagged ends I can take
But usually I prefer a clean break
Of course I don't regret one single day
But it's over

I don't exist for the winter
Adjusted the bed after setting the bones
Plucked out the last of the splinters
Changed all addresses and pulled out the phones
And I'll sleep 'til the day that I don't see your face in my dreams

About the song

This song took less than a day to write and it's the one that I got the most compliments on upon Seconds' initial release. In college I used to stress myself out trying to make songs so intricate and different and I'd throw all sorts of instruments and noises in to try and create some whole new style of music. During that time, a friend proclaimed, on a completely unrelated topic, "People are trying to reinvent fire instead of dancing in its light." That was the slap in the face I needed to relax and just let songs flow where they wanted. Also, this song is about the same girl as the one in "Loophole" (which takes place inside a dream that I'm trying to escape). This was a total coincidence.