Clonazepam Blues

Stop the presses
He's on medication
Oh, stop the presses
He's on medication
Well, honey, it ain't no ruse
I got clonazepam blues

Firebomb his house
He's sellin' medication
Oh, let's firebomb his house
'Cos we don't understand why folks need that medication
Well, y'all are so fuckin' confused
Can't see you're the reason
Why I got these clonazepam blues

Start the presses
He's on medication
Oh, start the presses
We gotta vilify this motherfucker in our magazines
Just for takin' his medication
Natural versus artificial, no happy middle
There's only clonazepam blues

About the song

"I think I'll start a religion. That's where the money is." ~ L Ron Hubbard

Anxiety and depression are illnesses. They're chemical imbalances just like any other well-recognized afflictions. Sometimes you can't just will yourself out of these things and may need pharmaceutical assistance. This does not mean you're a weak person, and don't EVER let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also, I used Samuel L Jackson's solo song from Black Snake Moan as a reference for the guitar tone of this one. I think it wails.