Dark Alleyway

I'm beginnin' to think that all of my missteps
And my mortal sins can't be all my fault
You told me from birth it was a condition
But you were dismissin' that it's a part of us all

It's what I seem to tell all of my patients:
"Don't let your hatred go without a fight"
If only you had done the same thing
I wouldn't have changed into what I am tonight

And so you create an animal
I don't owe you anything at all
But I can promise you one thing
I can promise you won't wanna meet me in a dark alleyway

Way back when, all the drugs and therapy sessions
Resulted in less than you, doctor, had prayed
Even the beds with straps and electrodes
Had only fed those demons lurking in wait

It's unfortunate that I had to lie and
Pretend to deny that which I truly maintain:
There's nothing wrong with the mind's dark corridors
And to try and ignore them is what makes us insane

I was starting to think you wouldn't come

But you just had to test me
Now you must understand
It'll end here in this dark alleyway

About the song

This was the last song I wrote for the album. With only a week left until recording time I was sort of in freakout mode because everything was in its right place except for track 2 of this disc. I was tweaking and finalizing the demos when I started plunking around on my guitar, and out came the odd little riff during the second verse. I ended up writing the lyrics in the studio, and serendipitously enough, the song fit the exact length I needed to keep the album's most important surprise intact...

Grand scheme: The idea behind this disc was to relay a more mature sense of the world as far as experiences and reactions to them. This song delves deeper into the mindset of someone like the protagonist of "Midwinter", making him more real, more plausible.