Definition Of Love

We are all caught up in the notion that love should be like a movie scene
Catch the perfect fish in the ocean and swim carelessly downstream
It's easy to believe that life is scripted with wine and roses and destiny
We can't see the focus has been shifted from the facts of reality

Love is not that fantastical
It's living here, not in some made-up space
Love is not that impossible
It's just a matter of the time and place

Take a sec and ask yourself: how do you define love?

She'd been trying to hold her heart together; patches and glue were not enough
With the help of one simple gesture, the vessels healed and fixed right up
So she's simplified her expectations: what is versus what could be
Thanks to the one who showed her such dedication
Guess dogs have one on humanity

Love is not that intangible
Look around, you'll find its reach is vast
Love is not unattainable
Dwelling on the future, you'll get nowhere fast

I am one to talk, I've discovered
I'm just as bad as all the rest
Searching for a concept, not a lover
Perfect would never be the best
But why should I resolve myself to less than a chimerical life?
Knowin' when it comes, but all the while wishin' for more
It's a double-edged knife

What love is not; that's the problem here
Too caught up in the notion, too focused on what love is not
I keep forgetting to summon the happiness
That those times have brought

Another week, another year, and maybe I'll define love

About the song

It still makes me smile when I hear "Alleyway" going right into this song. Such a great contrast. This was the first time I made use of three-part vocal harmonies that weren't just "whoa"s or "ahhh"s (and now that I think about it, maybe I could be my own barbershop quartet with this loop pedal of mine... *scratches chin*)

Yes, this is a song about love and relationships, but it has a more mature and realistic sense of how the world works. You can wait and wait and wait until you have some Disney-esque fantasy of a marriage, but as John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." It's possible that your perfect match - your "soulmate" - might live in a place you'll never even visit, so make the most of what you have when you have it.