Diamond Days & Firenights

I'll keep my eyes up tonight

Gimme somethin' of past desire
Dreams of long ago
Gimme somethin' untainted made of glistening gold
'Cos my globe is cracked and leakin'
And out falls the snow
So gimme somethin' undamaged onto which I can hold

Diamond days & firenights
Make a mark and make it shine
Bright enough to see from satellites

Well there's no shame in dreamin' of a future age
Where all your aspirations haven't been whisked away
So I'll keep my spirits hopin' that the road will pave
And gimme somethin' that I can carry off to my grave

Diamond days & firenights
Draw your eyes up to the sky
You won't distinguish us from the moonlight

Keep your eyes up
We are the sunlight
We are the starlight

Honey, look now, way up high
Focus on that star
Close your eyes and concentrate real hard

About the song

Preservation, comfort, idealism. These are all well and good, but they won't get your ship far if it's still tied to the dock. Cut the rope.