Diamond Days & Firenights

Released 11/11/08

01. 11:11 lyrics
02. Diamond Days & Firenights lyrics
03. Rift lyrics
04. Midwinter Massacre lyrics
05. Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle) lyrics | mp3
06. Bottle Lover's Waltz about
07. Loophole lyrics
08. Perpetual Motion Machine lyrics
09. This Is Me Smiling about
10. Tracks In The Snow lyrics
11. Muzzle about

01. Let's Try This Again lyrics
02. Dark Alleyway lyrics
03. Definition Of Love lyrics
04. An Intervention lyrics
05. On Your Mark lyrics
06. Alone lyrics
07. Girl With The Rhino Skin lyrics
08. Ellipsis lyrics
09. The First Time I Died (Pt. I - The Discovery lyrics, Pt. II - The Descent lyrics,
Pt. III - The Climb about, Pt. IV - The Rescue lyrics)
10. Union Tower about
11. 12:34 lyrics

About the album

Good old Diamond Days...my magnum opus, as it were. The album three years in the making (and only two weeks in the recording). Back in high school, a friend of mine and I were always talking about the music we were getting ready to record, saying things like, "Once this is out there, I can die totally happy." Later we would look back on these songs and laugh at how completely awful they were. With Diamond Days & Firenights, I can look back on the writing process, the time spent recording, the health issues that arose from stress, the ups, the downs, the places, the faces, and the literal blood, sweat, and tears that went into it...
And I can truly say that I could die happy.

You can read about the album more in depth here.

Simpsons reference: The "conquer/concur" lyric in "Alone" is a nod to Carl's mispronunciation of "conquer" in his word-of-the-day calendar.
(Homer vs. Dignity)

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