Diamond Dust & Fireflies

Released 11/11/08

01. Let Go [Frou Frou cover, live] video
02. Grace [Jeff Buckley cover, live] video
03. Hyper-Ballad [Björk cover, live] video
04. Summer Flame [live] mp3 | video
05. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) [The Proclaimers cover, live] video
06. Alone Redux [Diamond Days & Firenights B-side] mp3
07. Never Gonna Give You Up [Rick Astley cover, live]

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All songs recorded live 3/12/08 @ Birdy's in Indianapolis, IN
except for #6 recorded 7/08 by Matt Stutzman @ Pungent Sound in Durham, NC
and #7 recorded live 9/6/08 @ Locals Only in Indianapolis, IN

#4 originally appears on Seconds (copyright 2007 The Last Domino)
#6 originally appears on Diamond Days & Firenights (copyright 2008 The Last Domino)

Cover photo by Phil Kijak

About the album

Ever since I really started playing out in 2007 I've been tailoring cover songs to fit my own musical style/one-man-band type performances. Though the sound quality isn't the best, I thought it was a nice extra gift for the hardcore fans (all two or three of them) at the Diamond Days & Firenights release parties. All of these songs are very near and dear to my heart; "Let Go" marked the first time I ever teared up during a movie, "Grace" expanded my vocal range to places I never knew it could go, "Hyper-Ballad" won me a featured spot on bjorkremixes.com (and also marked the first time I ever teared up at a concert), "Summer Flame" started me on the whole loop pedal/one-man-band idea in the first place, "500 Miles" is the greatest drunken singalong ever written, "Alone" was just fun to rock out, and "Give You Up" was one of my jams back in the day. Though I was always partial to "Together Forever". They're basically the same song.

Simpsons reference: See Diamond Days & Firenights.