The First Time I Died (Pt. I - The Discovery)

I'm going on a journey tonight
Can't delay no more
Don't even think about waiting up
It'll be a while

I'm gonna find out once and for all
What I truly am
And if I catch your scent on the trail
Coming from behind

I'll cut the rope
And watch the bridge fall to the other side
So you won't be able to follow me in

I traveled on and onward for days
Turning into weeks
No sign of anything even close
To a guiding light

At last, I had come to a place
Where the trees cleared off for miles
A pond that reflected the black above
Drew me to its edge

I watched as the water
Showed me something on the other side
I saw what no one should ever have to see

I saw what I am
My true nature
Water so cold
I dove right in

About the song

Everything has led to this point. Let's see what you're really made of.