When Elephants In The Room
Dance With Skeletons In The Closet

Released 10/10/10

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01. Meet Our Lovely Contestants lyrics
02. Of Elephants And Skeletons lyrics
03. Clonazepam Blues lyrics
04. Self-Destruct Mode lyrics
05. The Gentleman & The Coquette (A Ballet) story
06. Pink Sunset lyrics
07. My Own Medicine lyrics
08. How To Keep Warm During A Blackout lyrics
09. Afterglow
10. Jealousy In D Minor lyrics
11. (What's So Fucking Great About) New York(?) lyrics
12. Oda A La Luna poem
13. In Another Life lyrics
14. Alexandra, Annamarie, And Everything I Ever Wanted To Be lyrics

About the album

The main idea behind When Elephants... is that it's the first time I didn't write any fictional songs (or at least songs about fictional people), so they're pretty self-explanatory, which is why I didn't go as in-depth with the "about the song" segments. As the title might suggest, the record is personal almost to an uncomfortable level for me, but is really something I felt I needed to get off my chest.

At first I just wanted to get this out there so I could start working on the next album (mostly loud, dancy, catchy rock as opposed to the acoustic/electronic nature of this one), but the more I wrote, the more excited I became for When Elephants..., which may well be my most definitive work thus far.

Simpsons reference: The "cause of/cure for" lyric in "Self-Destruct Mode" is a nod to Homer's infamous quote about alcohol.
(Homer Vs. The Eighteenth Amendment)

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