For You

Go ahead without me, honey
I'll only slow you down
We both know whose ship is sinking
And whose is forward bound
You've got a lot to do on your own
And I've made my peace
So go ahead without me, honey
'Til your anchor's been released

And I say let the future in
'Cos I know it only holds the best for you

Well I can't imagine, honey
The crime we all would face
If the world would be so cruel
And let such a grand thing go to waste
I'm sure to drown, but don't look back now
Whatever will be will be
But before I go down, honey
I want your star shining over me

So I say let the future in
For me it only holds a dead end
But you are so much better than this
So I say let the future in

About the song

This is technically the first Domino song I ever wrote (How appropriate it should be track #1, no?) The original version, written two years earlier, was a heavier full-band rock song and the lyrics were much different. I kept a few key lines in this one though and tweaked the rest more to my liking. I'm actually throwing around the idea of recording the original version for a future Domino album.