The Gentleman & The Coquette (A Ballet)

He strolls into the scene, his mind on this or that.
She glides carelessly into the scene, soaking in the sunlight of Spring.
He sees her. His heart pounds.
She sees him and nods politely, but her mind is fixed on the glorious park atmosphere.
He dares an approach, his walk uncharacteristically (and awkwardly) suave.
She sees him coming and is standoffish. Though there is a certain something about this one...
He follows as she turns to walk the other way, and is just about to say hello when he trips over a rock.
She laughs and warms up a bit. She extends her hand to help him up.

He imagines the two of them dancing in the park. The other people melt away.

He initiates conversation, nervous at first.
She, acutely aware of his nerves, makes a risqué comment.
He sputters for a moment (she giggles), but continues on, parrying her remark with one just as gutsy.
She is impressed. Maybe this one is different after all.
He proposes a date.
She flirtatiously lists reasons why she wouldn't be able.
He pursues the proposal. He must see her again.
She thinks for a moment, then answers simply with a kiss.

He imagines the two of them dancing on a balcony under the moonlight. The world melts away.

"Au revoir!"