A Pair Of Carnivores

The "Feelin' Ravenous" remix of "Original Sin" by Julian Shah-Tayler is out on Bandcamp and streaming everywhere! Head here to learn more about this funkwave danceterpiece!

Coulours And Shapes Of Dreams

New single "Kinder Gardener" is out now, celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Colour And The Shape by Foo Fighters!

Last September, I dreamed that I was listening to TC&TS when, between "February Stars" and "Everlong", a song that I'd "forgotten about" came on. After vibing on it for a minute, lucid dreaming kicked in. I realized that the song didn't actually exist, and - more importantly - that I needed to write it when I woke up.

Check out the product of my beslumbered brainsquishies here!

One Fourth Of My Life

Since first starting demo work on my fourth full-length, Two Thirds Of Our Lives, ten years ago (wow, lotta numbers there), I'm crossing my fingers that this year is the year it finally sees daylight! Co-producer Luiza Carvalho (genius, that one) and I are currently putting the final flourishes on the finished recordings, and are confident in an 8/12 release!

In addtion to the debutantery of TTOOL, I'm releasing two singles as well! "Kinder Gardner" - a Nirvana-inspired song I heard in a dream while listening to Foo Fighters' The Colour And The Shape within said dream - will be released on May 20th, aka Colour's 25th anniversary. Also, baby's first remix is coming in the form of an '80s synthwave take on "Original Sin"! It's an utterly brilliant rendition by The Singularity, aka Julian Shah-Tayler.

Speaking of Julian, the reason I haven't spent much time in Dominoland lately is because last year I joined his David Bowie tribute act, The Band That Fell To Earth, as saxomophonist, percussionist, and Freddie for "Under Pressure" (No pressure there, eh?) Since I'm not playing a lot of Domino shows, I'll start adding BTF2E's show dates in the newly-revamped links page!

Oh right! The newly-revamped site! (Poet and I know it!)
Matt Foster, who designed the first iteration of in frigging 2007 (and who played bass in the first full-band iteration of TLD in frigging 2008) slappped a fresh coat of paint on this bad boy to match TTOOL's album art, which features photography by Morgan Dunbar, remixed by moi! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see as I begin to update again!

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