Kid Overdrive releases

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About Kid Overdrive

Technically my first solo project (not counting an embarassing effort under the name Soblosky's Bargain Basement), Kid Overdrive was the name I gave to the music I wrote amidst the breakup of a band I was in at the time. I wasn't sure how, when, or even if I would get people together to play the material, but, as with a lot of my releases, I had to get it out of my head nevertheless.

What began as a way to differentiate the song styles from The Last Domino before I eventually incorporated more full-band rock into the main project (for you OGTLD, note the early version of "An Intervention" on the first demo) turned out to be the perfect umbrella under which to record covers of classic videogame tunes. After all, the name Kid Overdrive was inspired by Mega Man, so it was only fitting that I would thumb the MM catalogue and release that album with the moniker.

As for the future of KO, I've been keeping a list of songs from various NES, SNES, and PS titles over the years, and do eventually plan on recording another album as time permits. In the meantime, I'm working on an entirely acapella rendition of the Lower Norfair theme from Super Metroid. More info as it nears completion!

Releasing this stuff is mostly for my own posterity and journal-keeping purposes, but I hope people enjoy learning a little more about my musical history and dig the music!