Kinder Gardener

Released 5/20/22

01. Kinder Gardener
02. Kinder Gardener [Dormiveglian Manifestation]

currently a Bandcamp exclusive to be released to streaming platforms in June

When I was old, I was invincible
You exiled me as too instinctual
Hey, man
Tend your garden
Hey, man
Beg my pardon

You're the one who ate up all of my sin

Your love for them, always conditional
We only live while they're existual
Hey, man
It's kindergarten here
Hey, man
It's my party now

Hey, man
I'm unguarded
Hey, man
The seas are parted


Music and lyrics written and performed by John Orr
©2022 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP), all rights reserved
01 produced by John Orr and Luiza Carvalho, mixed and mastered by Luiza Carvalho
Drums engineered by John Rogers
02 recorded and mixed by John Orr
Artwork layout and design by John Orr
Thanks to Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Cave In, Rhys Deer, and my beslumbered brainsquishies

About the song


In September 2021, I dreamed that I was listening to TC&TS when, between "February Stars" and "Everlong", a song that I'd "forgotten about" came on. After vibing on it for a minute, lucid dreaming kicked in. I realized that the song didn't actually exist, and - more importantly - that I needed to write it when I woke up.

The cover art relives my exact thought process during the dream, and track 2 is the actual recording of me groggily mumbling these thoughts into my phone in the dormiveglian state between fully sleeping and fully waking.

Also, in a fun turn of cyclical serendipity, Cave In (whose song "Lift Off" is referenced in the cover art and ultimately the song itself) released their new album Heavy Pendulum today too! Check it out. It fucking rips.