The Last Joke You'll Ever Play On Me

For all the wounds I've sustained this year
And for the bruises to come
If you're even out there, you listen clear
I'll die before shedding tear one

I've never been one to shift the blame
But what other choice do I have?
Seems everything I do, I do in vain
And don't dare tell me I'm a bad man

And all of the singers who write all the songs
Sending their praises to you
Don't seem to realize they wouldn't be wrong
To hold you accountable, too

Give me a blessing, then take it back
I guess I'm good comic relief
Well this jester's got about one more act
Before he suspends all belief

You've had your last laugh at my expense
So why don't we stop on a dime?
It's not even worth my last two cents
Much less my valuable time

So call me what you will, but I'd be enraged
If I wasn't steering my life
"Divine intervention" is just another way
Of saying my will's second in line

About the song

Yes, I'm agnostic. Hide your kids! Burn all my CDs! Actually, please do burn my CDs and then give them to the kids. (...see what I did there?)