Let's Try This Again

She left her house with just a bag of odds and ends
And hopped the train just as the doors were closin' in
Diamond days & firenights are what she says you gotta live for
"What do you live for?"

Sorry I can't be the one to follow suit
My nerves are caged, I can't bear what it's like to lose
Yet somehow I always succeed in playing the muse
"Just take your chances, no second glances"

I've been down this road before
But where it forks ahead, I don't know the way
I finally got my torch to glow
And I'll try this again right now
Let's try this again right now
Will someone show me how?

Somethin's stirrin' up inside my world of glass
Ever since that fateful year had come to pass
The hand of fate slapped me directly on the ass
To make me cry and start my life

So now I'll grab my own little bag of odds and ends
And hop the doors before they shut me out again
These diamond days & firenights sound pretty splendid
Will they be there when I get there?

Only time will show me how to live
But I know where to begin
Breaking through this shell's the key to the end
'Til then, "whoa-oh-oh..."

About the song

We get up. We dust ourselves off. Deep breath. We forge ahead.