Here I am, back in the city where nobody sleeps
Lost in the throngs of those I've conjured up in the dream
Just as I'm rounding 2nd & 46th
Blue eyes are peering from behind the fence

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop and spreading my wings
I land on some moon and enjoy all that silence can bring
And just when, at last, I think that I am free
Red curls are peeking from a crater next to me

You always find a way into my dreams
No matter how I try to escape
I travel city to city, from planets to other planes
Yet you always find some way into my dreams

I've prided myself in my ability to control
Everything happens here because I make it so
But throughout it all I guess I should have known
Only you could be the one to find the loophole
The way into my dreams
Can't count the times I've tried to escape

I still see you when I wake, and it haunts me throughout the day
'Cos you'll always find some way into my dreams

About the song

Another Dark Tower reference in this one: In the books, the corner of New York's 2nd & 46th is a place of indescribable beauty and majesty. By seeing the girl there in the song, it's almost as if the place has been sullied.

Grand scheme: Another song of lost love, yes, but a little more complex. A little more adult. The dent in the snowglobe is widening, the youthful innocence seeping through the cracks. Ready or not, here life comes.