More Christian Than Christian

Released 12/24/2020

You sit there (in worship pose)
Bleating (archaic prose)
Repeating (a stale response)
Until you forget the meaning (and go in hate)
But we don't (religionless)
We live it (and love)
How can He more to us than to you?

You sit there (in Jesus' name)
Attending (spite-fueled campaigns)
Defending (a den of thieves)
The tables must be upended (re-educate)
Judge rightly (appearanceless)
As Christ did (in love)
This is the gospel according to John

Stand up for what's right like He would today


Written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
©2020 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)
Produced by Luiza Carvalho and John Orr
Jan-Feb 2016 (Boston, MA and Austin, TX respectively)
and Nov 2020 (Berlin, DE and Inglewood, CA respectively)
Drums produced Dec 2015 by Wes DeBoy in Indianapolis, IN
Mixed and mastered Nov 2020 by Luiza Carvalho
Additional vocals by Luiza Carvalho and Kevin Kirk (The Day After)
Artwork by John Orr

Available exclusively at Bandcamp, streaming everywhere in 2021

Lyric video on YouTube

About the song

This song is not anti-Christian. It is pro-love.

People who would wear their religion on their sleeve and then behave in ways entirely antithetical to their belief system would do well to keep Christ in Christianity.

As a disclaimer, this is the only track on the album in a metalcore style. I figured the pummeling diminished fifths (the "Devil's Interval") and scathing (demonic?) vocal deliveries were the way to go as they only prove the song's point further.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!