(lyrics by Billy Corgan)

The more this album came together, the more correlations I drew between it and Mellon Collie by The Pumpkins. On a base level, they're both double albums with the same number of tracks on each disc, and even the discs themselves are given titles to fit a theme. Going deeper, various genres are explored, atypical instruments are used, and stories are unraveled. Much of this was unintentional (yet surely subliminal) but nevertheless I figured I would pay tribute to one of my favorite albums growing up. I'm generally more fond of music than lyrics, but I was singing along to this in the car one day and realized that Corgan's lyrics in this song are absolutely divine. It occurred to me that there was hardly a break in the vocals, so I had the idea to cover the song a cappella. I wanted to capture and showcase the spectrum of emotion in the words; the uncertainty, the childlike vulnerability, the hidden loneliness, the unbridled power of happiness (things I also wanted to convey in the video). To me it was the perfect way to end the first disc of Diamond Days. It completely sums up everything the songs have taken us through while providing an intermission signifying that we still have much yet to learn.