You fooled me twice for reasons I will never know
And for a second time, I'll deck the halls alone
It's ever been your nature to play innocent
So what made me think this year would be any different?

Well, I'm naive

The one she loved was thinking of her eyes that day
When he was shot while fighting half the world away
He never knew about her infidelity
Somebody please restore my faith in humanity

'Cos I'm naive

"So kids, I'd like to try a little game today
We'll get to know each other better if we play
Now John, would you please stand up and address the class?
Give us an adjective you feel describes you best"

About the song

I had to have at least one sad bastard song on the album. Gotta remember ya roots, sonnn! The girl in the first verse is actually the same one "Rift" is about, but I decided to release "Rift" later on Diamond Days, so I guess that was the first time she "fooled me" even though I wrote that song before this one. And now my brain hurts. The second verse is unfortunately true (except for the guy being shot). The "infidelity" in question actually took place in my house at the scumbag of a girl. I mean I'm not all about the war, but that's one of the most vile things I've ever heard of. Anyway, moving on...third verse! I often have a fear of toeing the line between clever and lame and this was one of those instances. I kept it in anyway, so whatever. It's my hot body, I do what I wownt!