(What's So Fucking Great About) New York(?)

Three times now it's taken those that were dear to me
And tempted them with promises of what they're meant to be
Sir Andrew and Sir Frank have got nothin' but love, it's true
I say the bigger the apple, the much, much bigger the bruise
I ask you:

What's so fucking great about New York?

January's just around the corner now
Spread the news: I'm starting my own countdown
My shoulder just gets colder, so I'm warmin' back up out west
With my wagon bound pacific, destiny will manifest
So I ask:

Why keep going to a place that always rains your plans out?

About the song

Don't worry, NY, I love you just as much as those t-shirts. I tend to write a lot of my non-fiction songs as snapshots of my thoughts about something/someone at a certain point in time, so the songs aren't necessarily indicative of how I feel about the subject as a whole.

Seriously, one of the best shows I ever played was at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn with a jazz quartet and a full-cast musical about vampires and Paula Abdul.