Of Elephants And Skeletons

Sweet melatonin, please kick in soon
And take me far from this room
Bring dreams of goodness for goodness' sake
The ones that make me fear to wake

The elephants are on parade again
Left trails of ruin everywhere I've been
If I'd just kept my mouth shut all along
They'd still be in their rooms where they belong

I won't get in the way of you no more
Find the beasts and grab them by the tusks
Tear them out and grind them into dust

When comes the mornin' through eyelids dark
And brings the gossip of the larks
Leave me to dreamin' for goodness' sake
'Cos I'm left without you when I wake

The skeletons are out to dance tonight
Shakin' their noisy bones right by your streetlight
If I would only lock that closet door
I may just learn a lesson or four
And not get in the way

I won't get in the way of you no more
Find the ghouls and club them in the ribs
Crush the skulls and bury all the remnants