One Last Thing (For Four Romanticidals)

With my lips on the barrel
My aim calm and true
As the shell shouts its carol
The last thing I see is you

I recline alone by the fire
For thirty years, it warmed you too
From this world I retire, and
The last thing I see is you

"When you drank from the vial"
"And your knife plunged right through"
"We both froze in a smile, because"
"The last thing I saw was you"

About the song

How could I write a song/album about fictional characters who die for reasons surrounding love and not include a Romeo & Juliet reference?? Call me pretentious, whatever. The magnificent Peregrine Bosler lent me her unique voice for the Juliet lines. Though the song is about as depressing as you can get, I'd like to think it's very beautiful as well.