Original Sin

Released 3/31/2017

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Devil's in my head, and he brought his whole tacklebox
Fishin' in my thalami until his hook is locked
He says "Tell me, if it's made to feel so good
Why you meant to feel so bad about it?"
Devil's got a right fine point that's sure to leave a mark

It's our God-given right

Toss your keys back in your purse; we've got plenty of time
Throw some red vinyl on, and pierce a hook in your spine
Just tell me if it starts to hurt too good
Hell, we can come original however we want
A lone devil's on my shoulder 'cos the angel got kicked behind

You're lookin' foxy, and I'm feelin' ravenous
So what's a pair of carnivores to do?


written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
copyright 2017 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)
produced February-March 2017 by John Orr @ Stone Creek Studios in Austin, TX
mastered March 2017 by Luiza Carvalho in Boston, MA
cover art by John Orr

About the song

Ironically enough, I wrote this about five years ago; before my immersion into the Texas burlesque scene, and before having a dominatrix for a roommate. I'm not sure why it took me so long to record/release. I knew it wouldn't fit the vibe of the heavier Two Thirds Of Our Lives, nor would it work for other future albums I have in mind(...), but maybe part of it was that I wasn't ready to attach my name to such an audacious display of kink and fetishism. Now that it's finished, I feel like I could've gone even further down that rabbit hole (even though I myself am somewhat vanilla in my own sexual life), but I'm more than happy with the result. Never feel ashamed of what you're into. It's better that you have an outlet for your idiosyncrasies as opposed to bottling them up and exploding elsewise. Come original.

available exclusively at Bandcamp

... and a music video is in the works...