Perpetual Motion Machine

I knew a girl who beat cancer by sheer force of will
Doctors and treatments weren't the answers, nor were the pills
I fear I haven't the might to make similar strides in my life
I just stew in my brine with my back burners all set on high

She traveled on to heal those with her old affliction
Conquered all fears and achieved more than she ever pictured
But I'm the grandfather clock, the bicycle attached to a beam
The record after it's ended, the perpetual motion machine

Zero to ninety in seconds mere
Ain't that impressive in neutral gear

About the song

Did I really know her? Well...isn't it more fun if you don't know the answer? The human mind is a truly fascinating thing.

Grand scheme: Unreadiness, isolation, fear. These things we must accept as part of our nature, but we can't let them rule us. The crack is getting bigger minute by minute, but we backpedal. We shut down. Instead of standing at the brink of disaster with huge smiles on our faces, embracing what may come, we curl up.