Pink Sunset

I wonder how well this boxcar's latched
I feel like I'm slippin' off my tracks
But I've dug my grave
This rickety train with only a few bails of hay
Will act as my final restin' place

A wide open door, a perfect view
But there's nothin' to see here except you
A cloud covers the sun
Remindin' me of the way that your lip hovers above
That one tooth that, when bared, lights up your face
And mine

But I have to know
If I even made one iota
Of difference in your life at all
Before my time is gone
But you won't hear me call

The sun's settin' pink, but it won't last long
It's a beautiful end; a fitting swan song
I refuse the dark
Gonna light up a spark to rival the sun's brightest spot
And like it, I'll go out in a hurtlin' blaze