I know, I got it
Last one, I promise
Purging the remainder
Of my heart's container

It's funny how the lovers, o' we never learn
We paint the portraits that we know we'll likely burn
But living in a picture based on fantasy
Is warmer than accepting what will never be

My point has long been proven
I'll step down as you wish
So I guess there's nothing left to say...

No, wait, wait

Why this doesn't cease to ache, I'll never know
Can't put my finger on why I'd still take yours to adorn
So browse your line of suitors; I'll stay in my spot
I'll stand here at the end and throw you everything I've got

At the back of the queue
I'll wait in line for you

About the song

I like to think that this song brings When Elephants... to a fitting close, both in lyrical content and also stylistically with that final electronic barrage. Had I written it sooner, it would most likely have been the last track on the album, though I do still love having "Alexandra, Annamarie..." as the big finish.