The First Time I Died (Pt. IV - The Rescue)

When I got to the peak
I found a rope lyin' next to me
Stretchin' up to eternity
I gave a tug on the line
And shot up into a big bright light
So brilliant that I had to shield my eyes

To you,
The one who pulled me up
And saved my life tonight

All metaphor aside
I revere your undimming light
I don't think lions could have more pride
...there I went right again
It's hard to stop when I grab this pen
Without a sign, with no sign of an end

Thanks to you
Know just what you have done?
Here's to you,
The one who always returns
To save some other's life

Three cheers for never coming apart
Through all your trials sustained
Three cheers to your generous heart
Know I appreciate
Hip, hip, hooray!

Time will show me how to live my life
But I've learned that there's good within mankind
From the first time I died

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Thank you, Rachel.