All in twenty-seven seconds, your location gave you away
On the phone when clicks began to break up every word you'd say
Mom must be behind this, 'cos it wasn't me, you've got to believe
Lines were cut, but static couldn't drown out what you said to me:

"Well it's too late for me
Don't waste your time
And don't cry for me
You have your own life
I've made my mistakes
But I'll remember the beauty along the way
Those seconds along the way"

All in twenty seconds, they had found you and they hauled you away
Sentenced at the hearing without hearing just how much you'd changed
Calling from the cellblock to repent to mom and our family
You maintained your calm, though you had known you'd take your life in a week

"Well it's too late for me
Don't waste your time
And don't cry for me
You have your own life
You'll fall and you'll bleed
But don't forget the beauty along the way
The seconds along the way"

Only seven seconds passed, and your casket was lowered away
All forgiven, all forgotten, save for what you said your last day:
"Much can happen in a second; make each count toward good memories"
I know I can soldier through when your words echo all through me

About the song

"Seconds" was the first song I wrote for Seconds. I knew I wanted to write more personal lyrics for the album, but didn't want to abandon the fictional stuff altogether. In fact, this song was born out of my thought that wire-tapping would make for a great song premise after starting to read Survivor by Palahniuk. Being an occasional fiction writer myself, I had never really translated that into my songwriting in such a thorough way implementing different characters and a hazy plot line. I'm still really pleased with the way the carpe diem theme shone through the dark of the storyline. I was also glad to break out my sax again after so many years of not playing. And I was even more ecstatic when I learned to coordinate the looping stuff in order to play it live! Always a fun one to perform.