Released 3/31/07

01. Washed Ashore lyrics
02. Seconds lyrics
03. You Don't Know The Half lyrics
04. Naïve lyrics
05. Summer Flame about
06. Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle) lyrics
07. Clean Break lyrics
08. Born To Runner-Up lyrics
09. Autumn Twilight about
10. The Last Joke You'll Ever Play On Me lyrics

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All songs written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
2007 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)
Co-produced by John Orr @ Bubble Man's Lair (Carmel IN)
and J.S. @ Chicken Heart Recordings (Indianapolis, IN)
Mastered by J.S.
Additional vocals on 10 by Cameron Oehler
Cover photo by Stuart Singer, edited by John Orr
Performance photo by Phil Kijak
Layout by John Orr

About the album

I believe it's important to have an idea behind an album rather than it being simply a collection of songs. Even if it's only a loose concept...I think an album that ties its songs together and has recurring elements and themes just seems more real and honest of an entity. So I tried to up the ante on Romanticide when writing Seconds, which deals with second chances, second guesses, and the second hand itself (And on a more literal note, it's my second album, released exactly two years after the first). I also wrote much of this album with the intention of playing live more, and therefore wanted to expand Domino's musical boundaries beyond those of the previous sad bastard songs.

Simpsons reference: Lisa has a bad dream in which she, Garfunkel, Messina, and Oates have a #2 hit song called "Born To Runner-Up".
(Lisa's Rival)