Self-Destruct Mode

Someone spare a light
I don't smoke except for when I'm givin' up a fight
See that girl eclipsing all other beauty here tonight?
I could take her with me if I tried

But I'd just leave a mess
If she never even meets me, then it's for the best
So I drink another cause of (and cure for) this loneliness
Enduring one more winter in the Midwest

If you could see me now, you'd surely run
It's takin' all I've got to keep away from you, because
If you could see me now, I'd surely want to
Initiate the sequence so that I'd self-destruct

I need a warming touch
UV lights and sleeping pills can only do so much
So I fill up with whatever brings that temporary rush
And focus all attention on my grudge

At 9pm, a Kamikaze at the bar
The wind exhaled far from "divine"
By 3am, I've got an army for my war
My elephants and skeletons in line

About the song

Wow, this one got a little more heavy than I had intended. Oh well, that's what this album's all about. By the way, I neither condone nor recommend this method of coping...nothing good ever comes of it. I suggest puppy therapy.