A note about shows

Because my releases date back to 2005, and also because the new rock-oriented, full-band album is still in the works, I'm often asked at solo shows which album is most representative of my sets (or, which album people should listen to to hear recordings of what I played that night).

The answer is: All of them.

I know...not very helpful. HOWEVER, here are links to songs on my Bandcamp page that I play the most often at shows. This way, you can create your own mix for future reference! Huzzah!!

In order of frequency:

Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle)

Alexandra, Annamarie, And Everything I Ever Wanted To Be

Girl With The Rhino Skin

Of Elephants And Skeletons

Original Sin

How To Keep Warm During A Blackout


You Don't Know The Half

Autumn Twilight

Toby The Lionhearted

(What's So Fucking Great About) New York(?)