Major Stone to Ground Control
I can't read you anymore
Instruments are failing
And my skin is paling
So I'll give you one last report

Jerry and Elise are already gone
The suits are no match for the cold
And I don't think it's gonna be very long
Before I go

I don't want a story about me
I just want your arms around me
If you can still hear me
You know all that I've seen
But you're the only thing that astounds me

Sarah Ophelia Stone
I love you

About the song

I actually started working on this song before anything on When Elephants... In fact, this may have been what inspired the minimal electronic vibe of the album. The only reason it wasn't included is because it's fictional and I wanted Elephants to be entirely personal.

I'm especially proud of the foley art on this one. In addition to massively decreasing the speed of breaking bottles and a horrid screeching noise that my toilet makes in order to create the sound of a space shuttle ripping apart at the seams, I can now proudly say that my music includes the kitchen sink.