This Is All Going To End Badly.

Released 12/31/2013

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01. I'm Starting To See Things lyrics
02. Guardian Angel lyrics
03. All Of Me
04. Sanitarium
05. This Is All Going To End Badly. transcript

1, 2, and 5 written, arranged, & performed by John Orr (copyright 2013 The Last Domino)
3 written by My Vitriol, copyright 2001 Infectious Records (used with permission)
4 written by Sponge, copyright 2003 Idol Records (used with permission)

Flute on 1 by Gabriela Mago
Cello on 1 by Jessica Perrin
Trumpet on 2 by Kyle Gobel
Cello on 3 by Mollie Fischer
Additional "vocals" on 5 by Casey McMurtry

Produced August-December 2013 by John Orr @ Stone Creek Studios in Austin, TX
Trumpet recorded by Ryan Burklow in Indianapolis, IN
Mastered by Luiza Carvalho in Boston, MA

Photography & design by John Orr

About the album

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