Toby The Lionhearted

To a paragon
Of all the traits in us I hope should carry on
A light that'll ne'er be gone
As loyal as the captain of the Pharaon
And just a hair beyond

I'll amass it all
The courage and the heartstrength of a mastodon
And I'll pass it on
We'll build a babylon
With foundations made from all the good that has lived on
In you

And if the stars fall from your eyes
And memory's forgotten
I'll still love you
And if you're longer for this world than me
Just know my last thoughts
Will be of you

She moved on from me
The friend like you I had, but who could talk to me
And in all honesty
Words are useless if they only end up faltering
And forming walls between

So I let it go
And wondered if a pure, unbiased love could yet be known
My guess was no
But then my testimony changed
Upon my realization of what's best of all
In you

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