Tusks And Ribs

Released 11/11/11

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01. Toby The Lionhearted lyrics
02. Come With Me (The Elephants And Skeletons March On) lyrics
03. Queue lyrics
04. SOS lyrics
05. The Gentleman & The Coquette Reunite In Outer Space (A Cosmic Ballet) about
06. Let's Try This Again [Live] lyrics
07. Girl With The Rhino Skin [Live] lyrics
08. Bottle Lover's Waltz / Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle) [Live] lyrics

1-5 written, arranged, & performed by John Orr (copyright 2011 The Last Domino)
Produced September-November 2011 by John Orr @ Baby's First Apartment in Austin, TX
1 & 3 mastered by Eric Day @ Sleepwalk Recording in Bloomington, IN

6-8 written by John Orr, performed by John Orr, Dave Evans, Matt Foster, & Kevin Kirk
Recorded live 10/8/10 @ Locals Only in Indianapolis, IN
Songs originally appear on Diamond Days & Firenights (copyright 2008 The Last Domino)

Cover photo taken by Brent Dragoo and edited by KT Moon // FIDAMO
Body paint by Joy Carter

About the album

Since releasing Diamond Dust alongside Diamond Days I've been super keen on the idea of putting out sister EPs to accompany all of my studio albums. I tend to have extra songs in my arsenal that I don't feel would go with the flow of the full-lengths, so I figure the more bonus material I push, the better! Prolific-core. Also, I definitely wanted to release some live recordings from the full-band Diamond Days era. Much like on Diamond Dust, the live tracks aren't of the best quality, but sometimes it's more about the rawness and the messing up and the inane between-song banter.

I've been struggling to keep my release date tradition alive, and had planned to put out Tusks on 10/10/11 (a year after When Elephants...), but due to recent legal issues with cover songs, I decided to postpone and record a couple more studio tracks so that it wouldn't be a mostly live solo cover album, which was the original plan. Still, 11/11/11 ain't bad. What sucks is that I always wanted to do a full-band show on 11/11/11 playing Diamond Days all the way through (starting at 11:11, of course)...but I suppose a new release will have to suffice. Maybe we can all reunite in 2111 and play the show then! I'll book it right now.

Simpsons reference: Leonard Nimoy uses the term "cosmic ballet" when talking about a solar eclipse.
(Marge Vs. The Monorail)

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