Upon Their Shoulders

Released 12/31/2017

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We didn't have much to our names
A sordid history, and dirty pairs of shoes
No special birthright we could claim
But lives with each other were the only ones we'd choose

So when the lions come
To gnash and bite
We won't be standing on loose boulders
And when the giants come
To boast their height
We will dance upon their shoulders

We walked together through the flames
Lights that provided darkness, and cackled at our youth
Our spirits never fully drained
No one or thing could leave an everlasting bruise


written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
copyright 2017 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)
produced September-October 2017 by John Orr @ Stone Creek Studios in Austin, TX
mastered October 2017 by Luiza Carvalho in Boston, MA
cover art by Tasha Patek

About the song

In addition to contributing a good bit of TLD's back catalogue to the film, Giants Do Fall, I was also invited to write the movie's title theme. Rather than dub it titularly, I chose "Upon Their Shoulders" as a more thematic and triumphant name. Given some reference material that the director was going for stylistically, I decided to go M83-meets-Peter Gabriel, but like if we all went cosmic bowling...

A scant few might recorgnize the main guitar line lifted from a song I wrote for an old college band. I've never quite felt like the song got the right treatment, so I chose to resurrect it, and help it reach its full anthemic potential.

available exclusively at Bandcamp

Given that the film serves to expose child abuse within the foster care system, 50% of all song proceeds will be donated to charities that fight child abuse.