Washed Ashore

I've been driftin' for God only knows how long
Half dead and semi-conscious, floating on and on
My ship was on its way to clearer skies
When it was tossed and shattered into pieces among the brine

It was too late for me
Too late for me until you came
I could barely shoulder the weight
Of my shipwrecked fate until you came
And got me on my feet once again
Now I'm on the mend
Because you tended to my wounds
And staved off the end

Take all the loss
And clear all the moss from my eyes
Go bury them at sea with the rest
Of all the shards and pieces of the past
'Cos with this gift you've given to me
I have what I need
To start to rebuild, reconstruct
And head back to sea

I've been fixin' holes around the deck
Not quite perfect; not oceanready just yet
But soon I'll be on my way to clearer skies

About the song

Again with the ocean metaphors! Sheesh. Oh well, whatever works, right? This was about the time I started unintentionally working with some odd time signatures. I'd tried previously to experiment, but it always sounded forced and awkward. I guess what I'm getting at is I really like this song. It's a tribute to my good friend Rachel, whom I don't talk to nearly as often as I should. Ooo, this was the first song I ever used a capo on too! Such a neat little gadget.