The Way It Goes

Time is the sea upon which we all row
Taunting us with every chime
It's all I can do now to keep things afloat
Assuming I live through the night

I got the call and I raced right to you
Ignoring the nurses' debates
Burst through the door numbered "142"
To find I'm a minute too late

Well, I know it sounds trite
But it's all that my mind right now truly knows
Never got to say goodbye
Or just look you in the eye and say, "I love you so"
But that's just the way it goes

I passed the church on the hazy ride home
A story held fresh in my mind
God took away all He could from poor Job
And presumed what He did was divine

So I force self-control at the wake
Friends assure me that it's all okay
But they can't even fathom the pain
Since you've gone away
So I renounce my beliefs and my faith
I replace sacred with the profane
And my mind's never going to change
'Cos you've gone away

Time is the sea upon which we all row
But my oars are ready to fall
It's all I can do now to keep things afloat
But time makes a fool of us all

About the song

Wow, I sure liked ocean metaphors on this album, eh? I always got great responses to this song, and I'm particularly proud of the lyrics. Not much else to say...pretty self-explanatory. Oh wait! Years after recording this I acted in a comedy sketch about a guy, who, after a series of unfortunate events, lands his date in a hospital coma. He calls a shop the next day to send flowers to her, and I insisted that her room number be 142.