You Don't Know The Half

I swear to tell the truth
Whole truth and nothin' but the truth, so help me God
Yeah, she came in at noon
Hollerin' like a damned fool 'bout how I never called

But you listen carefully
I tell you it wasn't me who shot her against my wall
You say you have the prints
Well, piss on all your evidence, 'cos I say I ain't wrong

So don't go judgin' me
No no, don't go judgin' me
It ain't my fault
You don't know anything at all

Don't throw the book just yet
There's somethin' that I haven't said, so hear my case
I'm trapped inside my head
Held prisoner in a lion's den; a stranger with my face

Just take a look at me
And tell me that you see a cold-blooded animal
So I'll tell you I was there
But hell, I'm always unaware when the other man overtakes

So don't go judgin' me
No no, don't go judgin' me
It ain't my fault
'Cos you don't know the half
You don't know the other half at all

I wasn't in control when my bullet made that hole
I'd never hurt a soul

And I'd planned to call her up, but I'd been down on my luck
Now I've shot my chance at love
What have I done?

About the song

"This song's about a schizophrenic who's on trial for murder, it's called 'You Don't Know the Half'"--opening chord. I don't think I could give this song a more proper introduction when I play it live. Musically, the track is a callback to "Whiskeytown" from Romanticide. I really want to have at least one of these gruff, folky, deep-voiced songs on each album I write. Lyrically, I was in the throes of my story-driven, fictional song phase when I wrote this 'un. By the way, thanks to everyone who sings the backup "It ain't my fault"s when I perform this!